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TechPro+ Is Revolutionizing Transit Maintenance

The Ultimate Solution For Streamlined Maintenance And On-Time Performance

Actual Time Tracking Against Standard Repair Times (SRTs) enables accurate benchmarking and analysis of maintenance efficiency, optimizing resource allocation, and promoting timely transit performance.

Actual Time Tracking Against Standard Repair Times

This user-friendly app seamlessly tracks both scheduled repair time and actual repair time, promoting efficiency, accountability, and optimized maintenance operations for transit agencies.

User-Friendly App Tracks Both Scheduled Repair Time And Actual Repair Time

The Team Recognition System celebrates technician achievements, fostering a positive work environment, boosting morale, and encouraging continuous improvement in maintenance performance and efficiency.

Team Recognition System Designed to Recognize Technician Achievement

Automated Data-Driven Action List identifies areas needing change or improvement, streamlining decision-making and facilitating targeted efficient transit maintenance operations.

Automated Data-Driven Action List Designed To Identify Areas In Need of Change/Improvement

Mobile access to previous repair notes, pictures, and videos offers a comprehensive training resource, empowering technicians to meet Standard Repair Times, enhance efficiency, and ensure consistent maintenance quality.

Mobile Access to Previous Repair Notes, Pictures, and Video

Key Features

The TechPro+ Transit Fleet Maintenance Application delivers all the tools necessary to slash monthly bus fleet maintenance expenses by up to 25%. Featuring an intuitive, stand-alone architecture, it is exclusively designed for scheduling and reporting technician performance based on adherence to assigned tasks. Additionally, it can easily integrate data with most fleet maintenance software systems. By adhering to standard repair times (SRT) with TechPro+, you can optimize mechanic repair output and minimize maintenance cost-per-mile (CPM).

TechPro+ enhances the probability of mechanics completing tasks within standard repair times, resulting in reduced maintenance cost per mile and improved fleet availability and reliability.




What Can TechPro+ Do for Your Transit Agency?


The subsequent labor savings can be gained by a reduction in the mechanic head count or re-allocating labor towards savings in improving overall operational fleet availability and reliability.

A bus transit maintenance facility without an effective work time standard system in use performs work assignments in the range of 55% to 60% of typical time standards. The utilization of an effective time standard system performs work assignments at an average of 80% of time standards or higher. In terms of annual maintenance cost per mile savings, there is a potential CPM savings of 20% annually if not more. Using CPM data from a 200-bus operation represents potential significant annual savings.

A transit bus operates in the range of 38,000 miles per year. While maintenance costs vary depending on the age and type of bus, the average maintenance cost-per-mile (CPM) is $0.78 per mile. The maintenance CPM for a 200-bus fleet is calculated as 38,000 miles/year x $0.78 x 200 buses = an annual total maintenance CPM of $5,928,000.

Experienced in all areas of Mass Transit Administration including Bus Operations, Monorail Train Operations, Paratransit System Operations, Fleet Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance, Planning, Scheduling, Customer Service, Finance, Safety, Risk Management, Paratransit Call Center Management, Eligibility Center Management, and Security. Also experienced in managing contracted management services.

Tom started his career in maintenance, rose to the position of President for a major US transit agency, and now consults with agencies around the globe optimizing their on-time performance and overall maintenance programs.

Who is Tom Jury?

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