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Integration & Support

Discover how Techpro+ seamlessly integrates with your existing fleet management software and explore our flexible self-service and managed support options to enhance your fleet management experience.

Integration Options

TechPro+ is designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflow regardless of your organization's unique processes. We offer a variety of integration options to cater to different needs, making it easy for you to incorporate TechPro+ into your fleet maintenance management operations without any disruptions.

Whether you prefer to push data into your existing system, pull data from it, or use TechPro+ as a stand-alone application, our software adapts to your requirements. This adaptability allows your team to continue using familiar tools while benefiting from the advanced capabilities of TechPro+. Our commitment to providing a smooth transition and minimal disruptions makes TechPro+ the perfect solution for organizations of any size, helping you optimize your fleet maintenance processes and achieve your business goals.

Data Push Based Integration

TechPro+ can push data directly into your existing system, ensuring that all essential information is readily available within your current tools. By automatically synchronizing data between TechPro+ and your system, you can streamline maintenance processes and improve the overall efficiency of your fleet management operations. This means that your team can continue using the tools they are familiar with, while benefiting from the advanced capabilities of TechPro+.

Data Pull Based Integration

Alternatively, TechPro+ can also pull data from your existing system, allowing you to take advantage of our powerful analytics and reporting features. By accessing and processing data from your current tools, TechPro+ can provide valuable insights into the performance of your fleet and help you make data-driven decisions for improved maintenance management.

Stand-Alone Application

For organizations that prefer not to integrate TechPro+ with their existing systems, our software can also function as a stand-alone application. In this scenario, TechPro+ provides all the necessary tools and features for effective fleet maintenance management, without the need for integration. This option is ideal for companies that are looking for a comprehensive, self-contained solution for their fleet maintenance needs.

Support Options

TechPro+ offers two distinct support options to suit the diverse needs of our clients: self-service and managed services. With our self-service option, the application algorithmically recommends action items based on your data, while our managed services option provides a transit consultant who personally reviews your data each month and delivers an in-depth analysis for optimal performance. Both options are designed to help you achieve the best possible results from your fleet maintenance management.

Self-Service Support

Our self-service support option empowers you to make data-driven decisions with the help of TechPro+'s advanced algorithms. The application processes your fleet data and automatically recommends action items, allowing you to optimize maintenance processes and improve overall efficiency. This option is perfect for organizations that prefer a hands-on approach and have the internal resources to implement suggested changes.

  • Algorithmically generated action items

  • Data-driven decision-making

  • Ideal for organizations with internal resources

  • Cost-effective support solution

  • Encourages autonomy and self-reliance


Managed Services Support

For a more personalized experience, our managed services option connects you with a dedicated transit consultant who thoroughly reviews your data each month. With their expert analysis, you'll receive tailored recommendations to optimize your fleet's performance. This option is ideal for organizations seeking the guidance of an industry professional and a more in-depth analysis of their data.

  • Monthly data review by transit consultant

  • In-depth, expert analysis

  • Tailored for optimal performance

  • Personalized guidance and support

  • Continuous improvement through expert recommendations

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