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About Jury Transit

From Transit Professional To Tech Entrepreneur: Tom Jury's Vision For Innovating Transit Maintenance Operations And Founding Jury Transit.

About Tom Jury

Tom started his career in maintenance, rose to the position of President for a major US transit agency, and now consults with agencies around the globe optimizing their on-time performance and overall maintenance programs. He is experienced in all areas of Mass Transit Administration including Bus Operations, Monorail Train Operations, Paratransit System Operations, Fleet Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance, Planning, Scheduling, Customer Service, Finance, Safety, Risk Management, Paratransit Call Center Management, Eligibility Center Management, and Security. Also experienced in managing contracted management services.​

Bridging the Gap: Tom Jury's Vision for Jury Transit Transforms Transit Maintenance with Innovative Solutions

Tom Jury, a long time transit professional with a keen eye for innovation, recognized a glaring gap in the transit industry and set out to revolutionize it by founding Jury Transit. He had observed that maintenance departments within the industry were struggling with a lack of actionable data concerning their repair times and processes, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of insight into how they were performing against national standards. Jury's background in both the transit and technology sectors enabled him to identify this issue and pursue the development of a solution that would not only address the existing problems but also provide a platform for continuous improvement.

About Jury Transit

Revolutionizing Transit Maintenance: Jury Transit's TechPro+ Streamlines Operations and Empowers Data-Driven Decisions

To tackle this issue head-on, Tom Jury and his team at Jury Transit developed the TechPro+ application, a cutting-edge software designed to streamline maintenance operations and provide much-needed data for transit companies. TechPro+ works by tracking, analyzing, and reporting on various aspects of repair processes, such as time, costs, and materials used, allowing maintenance departments to compare their performance against established national benchmarks. This comparison empowers companies to identify areas of improvement, optimize their processes, and ultimately increase overall efficiency. By providing comprehensive, actionable data, the TechPro+ application has become an invaluable tool in the transit industry, driving positive change and elevating the standards of maintenance operations.

Jury Transit

2013 to present, Founder

Tom Jury established Jury Transit following an accomplished career spanning multiple transit agencies in Michigan, Florida, and Arizona. He is widely recognized for his expertise in transit maintenance operational excellence and maximizing efficiency. Nowadays, Tom collaborates with transit agencies worldwide, assisting them in enhancing performance, securing local contracts, and boosting their profitability.

Keolis Group Las Vegas

Jan 2016 - Jan 2017, General Manager

As consultant with Keolis North America, provided professional General Manager services in support of Las Vegas RTC public transportation system. Improved overall quality level of service delivery,enhanced client communications, and implemented cost effective control measures. Identified and recommended a permanent professional management team

Veolia Transportation / Transdev

2007-2013, Director of Maintenance

Responsibilities include directing fleet maintenance in support of 178 fleet vehicles including 134 LNG buses, 25 CNG buses, 43 cutaway vans and 28 non-revenue vehicles. Successfully worked in the development of the Veolia Tempe Service Excellence Team (SET). Team mission includes the improvement of overall service delivery utilizing management staff across departmental lines as owners of designated bus routes.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority

1989 - 2007, President

Responsibilities included 100M budget in support of 200 bus fleet, 10 train monorail system and contracted paratransit system. This was an executive level position working with a board consisting of seven directors. This work involved the day-to-day management of the entire JTA Mass Transit System consisting of three business units. Responsibilities focused on quality service delivery within budget.


Expertise, Leadership, and a Passion for Transit: The Journey of a Transit Professional and Founder of Jury Transit, Tom Jury.

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