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TechPro+: Offers A Comprehensive Suite Of Tools Designed To Minimize Cost Per Mile And Enhance On-Time Performance

From SRTs to Action Items, TechPro+ has it all!

TechPro+ is committed to continuous improvement and adaptability. Our Automated Data-Driven Action List identifies areas in need of change or enhancement, enabling transit agencies to make targeted, data-driven decisions. Moreover, the platform offers mobile access to previous repair notes, pictures, and videos, which serve as valuable training tools for technicians striving to meet Standard Repair Times. TechPro+ is the comprehensive solution that transit agencies need to maximize maintenance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve fleet availability and reliability. Experience the difference TechPro+ can make in your transit maintenance operations today!

TechPro+ is revolutionizing the way transit agencies monitor and manage their fleet maintenance by offering powerful features to streamline processes and boost efficiency. With Actual Time Tracking Against Standard Repair Times (SRTs), the user-friendly app tracks both scheduled and actual repair times, ensuring optimal resource allocation and accurate benchmarking. This innovative system also provides a Team Recognition System, specifically designed to acknowledge and celebrate technician achievements, which in turn fosters a positive work environment and improves overall performance.


Actual Time Tracking Against Standard Repair Times

TechPro+ features Actual Time Tracking Against Standard Repair Times (SRTs), allowing transit agencies to monitor maintenance efficiency and optimize resource allocation. This powerful tool provides accurate benchmarking and analysis of maintenance performance, ensuring that your fleet operates at peak efficiency and reliability, while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Time Tracking

User-Friendly App Tracks Both Scheduled Repair Time And Actual Repair Time

The TechPro+ user-friendly app simplifies the tracking of both scheduled and actual repair times, promoting maintenance efficiency and accountability. With its intuitive interface, technicians and managers can seamlessly monitor progress and performance, ultimately leading to optimized maintenance operations and improved fleet availability.

Recognition System

Team Recognition System Designed to Recognize Technician Achievement

TechPro+ is equipped with a Team Recognition System that celebrates the accomplishments of technicians, fostering a positive work environment and boosting morale. By acknowledging individual successes, this feature encourages continuous improvement in maintenance performance and efficiency, contributing to the overall success of your transit agency.

Action Items

Automated Data-Driven Action List Designed To Identify Areas In Need of Change/Improvement

With the Automated Data-Driven Action List, TechPro+ identifies areas requiring change or improvement, streamlining decision-making and enabling targeted solutions. By leveraging the power of data analytics, transit agencies can enhance their maintenance operations and ensure that resources are utilized effectively, resulting in a more reliable and efficient fleet.

Previous Notes

Mobile Access to Previous Repair Notes, Pictures, and Video

TechPro+ offers mobile access to previous repair notes, pictures, and videos, providing a comprehensive training resource for technicians. This invaluable tool empowers technicians to learn from past experiences and best practices, helping them meet Standard Repair Times and ultimately enhancing maintenance efficiency and fleet performance.

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