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TechPro+ Offers A Comprehensive Suite Of Tools Designed To Minimize Cost Per Mile And Enhance On-Time Performance.

Elevate Maintenance Efficiency: Harness Time Standard Tracking's True Potential

  • Prompt parts availability will be needed

  • Demand for technical training may become evident

  • Re-scheduling of mechanic work hours may be needed to meet the bus and work bay availability requirements

  • Adequate shop tooling

  • Advancements in laptops and tablets to expedite technician data input

Typically transit fleet maintenance technician work time standards are not in place or not utilized their full potential. While most maintenance software systems do provide time standard tracking, this performance tracking feature is complex and either not in use or not used to capacity within transit maintenance departments. Common reasons for limited use are the absence of task data development, inconsistent and accurate data input, and reluctance to assign work time standards to mechanics

Once time standards are effectively implemented, other potential areas for shop improvement will become evident. Here are a few examples:

TechPro+: Boosting Productivity and Efficiency in Transit Fleet Maintenance

Empowering Technicians and Enhancing Fleet Performance with Innovative Technology

TechPro+ revolutionizes transit fleet maintenance by boosting technician productivity and fostering pride in performance levels. The result is streamlined processes, cost savings, and a motivated workforce contributing to the agency's success.

TechPro+ reduces maintenance labor costs per mile while improving bus fleet availability. This ensures resource efficiency and reliable, cost-effective service for passengers, making TechPro+ an essential tool for transit agencies.

Improved Overall Technician Productivity

Enhance maintenance efficiency through optimized processes, ensuring transit agencies maximize resources and achieve exceptional fleet performance.

Technicians Take Pride With Their Performance Levels

Empower technicians to excel, fostering a positive work environment that encourages continuous improvement and collaboration in maintenance operations

Reduced Maintenance Labor Cost Per Mile

Minimize labor costs by streamlining maintenance processes and optimizing resource allocation, contributing to a financially sustainable transit agency.

Improved Bus Fleet Availability

Ensure reliable and efficient transit services by reducing downtime and prioritizing fleet readiness, meeting the needs of riders and communities.

Introducing Time Tracking Standards

Time standard data is permanently entered into the system which tracks and reports each technician’s work assignment on-time compliance on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. This data can be uploaded into a local transit master fleet maintenance software system.​

Bus fleet maintenance shops without time standards already in place will benefit by introducing a new program through recognition for meeting or exceeding compliance versus penalty for non-compliance. Utilizing shop electronic monitors to report progress life is an approved effective reporting method. Various colors can be used effectively to indicate a level of progress.

More specifically a shop electronic wall monitor can display each bus number in work, the work description, the time allowed for the work, and the technician name or number assigned. Completion of each work assignment will be coded green, yellow, or red depending on the level of time standard compliance. Display variations can be adjusted as needed.

Time Standard Development

The initial listing of time standards can be found from several time standard studies found online such as CUTR, FTA, and others. Adjustments will need to be made to meet specific property bus fleet types and years. These adjustments are available from the actual repair history of an individual transit location. Calculating the average repair time for a particular work assignment and comparing same to industry standards is a best practice in determining accurate time standards. These repair times may be adjusted as accurate real-time repair history is generated.

In an effort to improve time standard compliance regular technician visits made by the shop foreman/supervisor are recommended. Particular interest needs to be made in technicians not meeting time standard compliance. Identifying and remedying time standard non-compliance needs to remain a priority.

Recognition needs to be made for those found in compliance with time standards. This can be accomplished both verbally and in written form. The electronic shop monitor also clearly identifies work assignments completed on time scheduled. Other means of recognition can be added.

Improving and recognizing Time Standard Compliance

Enhancing Transit Maintenance Operations with TechPro+

A Comprehensive Solution for Improved Efficiency, Reliability, and Quality Assurance

TechPro+ enhances transit maintenance with a focus on reducing roadcalls and promoting scheduled maintenance, ensuring reliability and reducing disruptions. This increases efficiency and lowers costs.

We prioritize quality assurance, fleet preventive maintenance, and provide transparency into maintenance trends, allowing informed decision-making and optimal resource allocation for improved transit maintenance operations.

Reduced Roadcalls to Maximize Fleet Availability

TechPro+ minimizes roadcalls through proactive maintenance, optimizing fleet performance. Enhance transit operations, maximize availability, and achieve cost-effective management with satisfied customers.

Increased Focus On Scheduled Versus Unscheduled Maintenance

Prioritize proactive maintenance with TechPro+, enabling you to address potential issues before they escalate, saving time and resources.

Increased Focus on Quality Assurance And Fleet Preventive Maintenance

TechPro+ streamlines your maintenance processes, fostering a culture of quality assurance and effective preventive measures for a reliable fleet.

Transparency Into Maintenance Trends Within Your Shop

Make data-driven decisions with TechPro+'s comprehensive insights into maintenance patterns, enabling continuous improvement and strategic resource allocation.

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